Our skilled seamstresses proudly work to produce the very highest quality products, all made right here in the UK. We are committed to ethical production and the promotion of the talent we have on our doorstep.

We do not run a factory, rather a textile house and value every member of our team. Happy seamstresses take far more pride in their work than unhappy ones, and it is our guarantee that every person involved in the creation of our products is paid a real wage and works in a comfortable, happy working environment.

We truly believe that the quality of our products is unrivalled, and take great pride in every Carrier that leaves our HQ.

Through every stage of production from the initial cutting of the cloth to the final closing of a seam, your Rose and Rebellion Baby Carrier will have been checked and rechecked to ensure that when it arrives to you it is of the very highest quality.

Our mission is to bring you products that are not only simply beautiful, but also beautifully simple to use.

Carry your little one through life where the buggy wheels will roll no more, in the style and comfort you deserve.

Pretty or Punk

Rose or Rebel

Which ever you are, we know you’ll love your new Rose and Rebellion Baby Carrier just as much as we have loved making it for you. Happy Babywearing.


The same great Baby Carrier.......

Luxury handmade Baby Carriers, expertly crafted in the UK. Generously padded straps and unique 3 part fully integrated waistband for comfort, security and lumbar support. Every Baby Carrier is reversible to a plain black side for a truly unisex product. Versatile straps designed to fit varying body shapes and a waistband to 50 inches. Designed in compliance with BS:EN 13209

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