Where to begin?  Well I suppose the beginning would be fitting.

Born on 29/1/2008 Rose and Rebellion was the product of a frustrated child, a design conscious mother and a dad with a dodgy back.

If you already own, have ever used or are ready to make the leap to a Rose and Rebellion Carrier then you have our little Daisy to thank. The youngest of our 3 children, she had as a baby what you may politely refer to as a focused personality. Her will in the first few months of her life was only comparable to that of Mother Nature herself. At times calm, placid and serene, and at others wild, unpredictable and ferocious when confronted with a situation she was not entirely comfortable in.  She was and still is a child who craves affection and human contact, cuddles and hugs something which as a very proud father I have always been happy to oblige her. 

We are very fortunate to live and now work in quite a magical place. Pontardulais, our home and the village where Rose and Rebellion resides is quite unique. Shielded by mountains, the river Dulais from which our home gets its name, sweeps lazily into the Loughour Estuary and out to the seas that surround the quite spectacular Gower Peninsular. It is every bit the Wales you see in the tourist brochures, and a play ground for all those that love the great outdoors.

We love to walk and explore. Show me a road and I’ve lost interest, but given untouched land and a vista that expands for infinity and that’s a challenge that is just simply to hard to resist. Mountains and beaches rivers and forests, all fair game, but challenging with 3 kids, and especially so when one point blank refused the buggy! And talking of buggies have you ever tried pushing one through a mountain stream or on sand? This is where our story really begins, an opportunity to carry you child through life where the buggy wheels roll no more. A million adventures waiting for you limited only by your imagination and your will to explore. Total freedom – no restriction.

To us a baby carrier was a no brainer, and trust me we tried a few, but nothing worked for us both. Either they placed too much strain on my back or Louise my wife and business partner just was not taken with the dowdy mundane options that existed all that time ago in 2008. And well Daisy, she new within seconds whether she was happy or not.

So Louise, a versatile seamstress took it upon herself to create what was to become the first Rose and Rebellion Baby Carrier. It was only meant for our own personal use and to give us everything that was missing in the market. Comfort, style and ease of use.

Over the first year of using our baby carrier (or 3 as Louise decided to make a few with different panel designs, because you know you just cant have enough) we were stopped so many times by people asking where they could get one from it just seemed inevitable that a business was  about to be born. Cue endless testing, redesign, more testing and reacting to customer feedback. Late nights and laughter as we met so many new people who tested, tried and purchased our carriers. It was wonderful to be able to produce something that seemed to give so many people such happiness and a new way to help bond with their child.

And here we are today. Our skilled seamstresses proudly work to produce the very highest quality products, all made right here in the UK. We are committed to ethical production and the promotion of the talent we have on our doorstep.

We do not run a factory, rather a textile house and value every member of our team. Happy seamstresses take far more pride in their work than unhappy ones, and it is our guarantee that every person involved in the creation of our products is paid a real wage and works in a comfortable, happy working environment.

We truly believe that the quality of our products is unrivalled, and take great pride in every Carrier that leaves our HQ.

Through every stage of production from the initial cutting of the cloth to the final closing of a seam, your Rose and Rebellion Baby Carrier will have been checked and rechecked to ensure that when it arrives to you it is of the very highest quality.

Our mission is to bring you products that are simply beautiful, and beautifully simple to use.

Ethics play a large part in what we do and us such we have made a conscious decision as a company to work in a particular way.

Our business has grown organically through word of mouth and recommendation. Something we are equally proud and very thankful for. We do not pay for advertising or enter awards as many other brands do. The reason being that many awards that you see are paid entry awards something that we do not agree with. Any award or recommendation you see of our products has been given through recognition of our commitment to excellence and the quality of our products, not due to financial contributions.

Instead we choose to use what would have been our advertising budget to support many of the worthy causes that approach us each year. Again it’s not something that we shout about but it is through the support of our loyal and wonderful customers purchasing our products that we can help those that need it most. Orphanages, out reach centers and many good causes have benefited through the trust and support of our customers and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your support.

We hope you love your new carrier and it helps create as many wonderful memories as ours did for us.

Pretty or Punk – Rose or Rebel – Which ever you are, we know you’ll love your new Rose and Rebellion Baby Carrier just as much as we have loved making it for you.

Happy Babywearing and much love,
David and Louise x