“Carrying your child is so much easier than fighting with a pram. It’s the one thing I always recommend to new parents. It’s been a massive help to me this time and has most importantly kept my hands free and given me flexibility to still do things with my son. I have tried numerous carriers and slings, some have not worked for me and some have. The Rose and Rebellion has very much worked and it is the one I always reach for. It’s easy to use, quick to adjust, light to carry when not being used and totally beautiful to look at.”

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– Earth Based Fun website

“If you hate the utilitarian look and feel of most of the baby carriers on the market then Rose and Rebellion was created just for you. Designed and built in the UK, these carriers are a lesson in how to combine style with purpose”

– MumsRock website

“This strong and sturdy design is very easy to assemble and put on, but is only for babies over three months. I can see how fantastic this would be when my child gets a little bigger”

– Pregnancy & Birth

“I used the carrier on several shopping trips around the town and also to carry my daughter to her sister’s nursery and back. It was very comfortable to wear and my daughter enjoyed it and seemed comfortable and happy too. It’s easy to put on and so small and light,”

– Bambino website

Lynsey Clarke Says

“I actually purchased the carrier to carry my 6 month old baby in. He loves it too! It is just perfect. We recently went on a special steam train journey and whilst I was happily walking around with baby in the R&R, other mums and dads were complaining about carrying their children in their arms and their arms aching. I would definitely recommend to anyone to purchase an R&R carrier. They are reasonably priced and you will definitely get your moneys worth out of it, with years of use.”

Emma Flint Says

“Wow – where to begin! I really love the R&R for so many reasons – I am a busy mum of 4 little ones, and getting out the door on time is something I am always aspiring to – but rarely achieve! The buckle fastenings allow me to just ‘clip and go’ in the morning – I fasten the waistband and the shoulder straps before I hip-scoot my child onto my back, then whip the straps up and adjust in 5 seconds flat! Perfect!! Never in all my babywearing years have I worn a carrier that was as easy to put on as a coat, and comfy first time, every time. The padded waistband is probably the best feature of the R&R – I am confidently and comfortably carrying my youngest son of 35lbs on the 25 minute school run walk 4 times a day. I’ve also carried him (on the front and back) for well over 3 hours at a time when we go walking. The carrier is supremely well made, and folds up super small – I regularly pop it in the glove box in the car!”

Simon Brown Says

Gave my new carrier a good work out yesterday and found it very comfortable. Works a treat and glad to say I find it just as easy, maybe easier to get on than the smaller baby one which I’m really pleased about. That wide stiff waistband gives great support, as do the wide shoulder straps. Top stuff and very pleased. Thank you for making it for me, it’s lovely