Hello all and welcome.

10 Years old and a quick introduction.

I’m Dave,

When I was a little boy I dreamed of becoming an architect, imagining structures that reached as high and as far as you could see. Big bright shiny buildings full of the future, robots and every gadget know to mankind. Reality played a cruel hand in showing me that I could draw just about as well as I can tolerate banana’s which is to say not very well at all!

Music came next and is still to this day remains my passion, but the dream of touring the globe, playing to frantically enthusiastic audiences on the back of my supremely creative musical imagination somehow just didn’t materialize. (this one still upsets me actually as the dreamer in me still holds out hope no matter how futile)

Now the obvious next step was Law. 3 years later with a degree under my belt and a desire to defend the downtrodden from the evil corporations and shady government departments that probably only actually exist in my imagination I found myself forming Rose and Rebellion with my quite lovely, beautiful wife Lou. I didn’t see that one coming!

That was 10 years ago, and frankly where has the time gone.

These day’s we spend our time hand making our carriers for people all over the world from our little workshops in Pontardulais, South Wales.  And actually I can’t really complain at all. Over the last 10 years we have received so many messages of encouragement and thanks from our lovely customers that even through the hard time’s (of which there were many) it always seemed and still does, so worthwhile.

Happy children, happy parents, happy Dave.

You see it really is that simple, even though my primary dreams never were fulfilled, I never stopped dreaming.  I now know that what we do has brought so much happiness and created so many happy memories for families all over the globe that none of my other dreams would have made me feel so proud. I know it’s a cliché and it’s very easy to say, but we really do love our customer here at Rose and Rebellion and your happiness is all we ever strive for.

Selfishly that little rosy glow I get from your photo’s of smiling families makes me remember all the happy times we had as a family ourselves and that to me is priceless.  If sweet dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree.

Thanks for reading and we hope that the following blogs we bring keep you entertained and informed. If there’s anything you want to see from us, please just let me know. The kettles always on and I’m always up for a chat. x