Business is just like the weather, some days the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Other days it’s almost like the heavens have opened and you are drenched, but rather than rain, technical problems, deadlines and exhaustion hit you like a brick.

Now, today was a rainy business day for me. One of our sewing machines threw a tantrum, I’ve been chasing courier companies and our tap that supplies our mains water supply has decided that it no longer understands the concept of water tight and is dripping incessantly!

But then the sun began to shine, and this dropped into my inbox like a golden ray of happiness.

We love what we do here at Rose and Rebellion. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of hard work and it can have a tendency sometimes to take over our lives, but smiling parents and happy babies make it all so very worth while!

I can sit here all day and tell you just how wonderful our carriers are (which they are by the way!) but no doubt I would be accused of bias. Just like everyone else in internet land I look for recommendations when considering a purchase. Independent reviews form people who have hands on experience, and that’s what I’d like to share with you all below.

From the Mamamosi website, here’s a great piece with some lovely photo’s of one of our Big Kid Carriers doing what it does best.

You can see the original article here

For our English customers here is a translation.

Review: Rose and Rebellion Big Kid baby carrier

My personal vacation tip number one is a (baby) carrier! And yes, with a toddler. We went on vacation for the first time this year without a buggy and the carrier really saved me at times. Even if the buggy would have come along, it was still the carrier that was often the most convenient. So if you don’t want to continue reading, go for it! I have found the Rose and Rebellion Big Kid baby carrier at Rose and Rebellion and it is really great for us.

About the Rose and Rebellion Big Kid Carrier

For large children

The Rose and Rebellion Big Kid carrier is a carrier for older children, from the age of four to around six. According to the British standard it goes up to 20 kilos, but it is often used for much longer. Mosi, who is just four years old, is already nearly 20 kilos and fortunately there is still enough room to grow. He has clothing size 110 and fits nicely in the carrier. The so-called seat darts ensure a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position. Not only nice for the child by the way, but that also ensures that the legs are nicely hanging next to you while walking.

Font and back carrier

The Rose and Rebellion Big Kid carrier is a front carrier and a back carrier. You can therefore carry your child on the front or back. I prefer back carry for a long walk, but it can also be very nice for a tired child at to carry at front (face inwards). It looks and feels like hugging. For example, I carried Mosi from the gate to the baggage claim at Schiphol Airport when he fell asleep just before landing. I would not have managed that without a carrier.

Black or with a print

Our carrier has a nice elephant print, but can also be worn inside out. Then thecarrieris completely black. Because all the buckles and the padded shoulder straps are also turned around, it is slightly less comfortable. There is also a sleeping cap, which I have not used yet because at the only sleeping moment I held his head myself. Especially if they fall asleep on your back, this seems very handy. In addition to our elephant print, there are many more cool prints, from sweet to very cool. A leopard print has recently been added. I find that very cool myself.

What do we use the carrier for?

At home

About two years ago, Mosi was still as often in the pram as in a baby carrier. When he started walking I stopped. He was so restless that it was easier for him to climb in and out of the buggy. Now he usually just walks himself and the buggy stays at home. Which meant that I often had to carry Mosi in my arms when he was unexpectedly very tired. That is heavy! So for those moments I now take the carrier with me again. It simply fits in a linen bag. I now use the carrier for example when shopping, when we go for a walk, at the Zoo or when we go into town. Sometimes it’s because Mosi is really tired, but sometimes just because it’s so cozy.

On holiday

The baby carrier is a bigger outcome on holiday. For example, we made a 5 km walk on Madeira to the Risco waterfall. It started with a long way down the mountain and even before the real walk started, Mosi was tired. Then he climbed on my back. In the end I was very happy he was safe in the carrier, because alongside the mountain path there was a steep slope. We enjoyed to beso close together. And that with incredible slopes, tree trunks along the path and steep stairs. I could have walked for hours. It was not too heavy and Mosi only had fun.

Not only with a mountain hike, by the way, but also in a busy unknown city the carrier is a good alternative. Your child is literally attached to you. This way you can move around easily in crowds and how often do you not suddenly have to lift a buggy because you are standing in front of a staircase. Furthermore, our child tends to tired more quickly on holidays than at home. Then the carrier is a good solution. From the first moment he asks to be worn in the carrier, I simply tie the carrier on my back. That makes it so much easier for everyone. And isn’t that what you want on holiday?

Isn’t that heavy?

To be honest, 18 kilos on your back is not nothing. The first walk I had to get used to the weight on my back again, but I quickly got through that. Before we went on holiday I went shopping with Mosi on my back and I used it after a dinner in the city. I did some test walks on both my back and belly. These walks becamefun in no time. On vacation we immediately went for a good walk including large slopes. I never had a moment there that I thought it was too heavy. Once you are used to it, a good carrier makes it fun and cosy.

How do you put the baby carrier on?

It was very easy to put on and everything fitted well. The buckles are very logical and do not require instructions. I find it even easier to to put the carrier on with a bigger boy than with a little one. I fasten the hip belt, he sits on my back with his arms around my neck and I pull the carrier up over him and around my shoulders. I bend slightly forward, click the top buckle shut and we are ready to go. I need some help with the front wear, it is more difficult to click because the buckle is on your back.

Big thank you to Rio for taking the time to write this review and the lovely photo’s too.

If anyone else would like to share some sunshine with me I’d be very happy to receive it. I’ve got my shades on and the sun tan oil at the ready!