Size matters.

It’s what you do with it that counts.

Sometimes you just need the right tool……… Ok I’ll stop there.

It’s worth pointing out at the very start that there is some spill over between the different size carries and there is absolutely nothing set in stone.  We have customers using Baby Carriers for children up to 2 years of age and at the other end of the spectrum Big Kids with 9 year olds!!!!!!!

Let us take the strain for you, just strap in and enjoy the ride.

So lets start small and work our way to the super duper monster transporter we call the Big Kid.

Its probably a good descriptor if we use clothing sizes to hep you find the best match. Please bear in mind that children come in all shapes and sizes so this is a guide and you may find one size works better for your needs than another, but in most cases you should be good to go with what’s said below.

Our Baby Carriers is the one that started it all for us and is currently in its second revision. This was designed to fulfil our own personal needs that actually turned out to be a lot of other peoples needs too. Who knew?????

These are generally designed from when a child has head control up to around when they reach age of about 18 months or somewhere between 62cm and 86cm for our European customers

The In-Betweener was designed after we released our Pre-Schooler. It came about through customer request for something that was in-between the Baby and Pre-School size carrier, hence the rather clever name! These are best used with children around the 12 month to around 3 years in clothing or for the Europeans out there somewhere between 80cm and 98cm.

The Pre-Schooler was our natural evolution from the Baby size carrier and really helped put our name on the map. This is for your quite so little ones!  We recommend these for 2.5 years to 5 years old in clothing or between 96cm to 110 cm for our European friends.

Last but by no means least the Big Kid. This is truly a monster carrier, if you’ve been spending hours in the gym and still feel that your legs could do with a little bit more of a workout this the one to go for. Tone and work you bum, thighs and core whilst carrying your precious monster everywhere you go.

In all seriousness this was another one designed from customer feedback and has a very special place in hearts. Parents whose children have additional needs either with mobility or perhaps have a need to be close to mum or dad all the time have used the Big Kid. Some of the feedback we have received on these has been seriously eye watering emotional stuff and it is an absolute honour to be able to offer these to our customers and feel that we are helping bring joy in our own little way.

For these bad boys we are looking at 4 years to 8 years of age in clothing or 104cm to 128cm in European sizing.

*  Can I just add here that to all the very many customer who have purchased a Big Kid carrier from us you have my absolute admiration and get extra parenting bonus points for parenting. In fact if this was a video game you have well and truly levelled up.  Much respect! *

Well I hope that helps. As always we are here to help and answer any questions you have. Don’t be shy, we love a chat and can’t wait to help you on your journey, no matter where it may take you.