Quick question…

Did you know that our carriers are extremely popular amongst parents and carers to aid in the care of disabled children and also children who have additional needs? Well it turns out that just so happens to be the case, and we are thrilled to bits.

We always knew that our carriers provided that special closeness that all children crave, but we never really realised until recently just how important and valuable that feeling was for children who’s needs are a little more specific.

We wanted to be able to help make parenting easy for everyone, totally inclusively and with no constraints. Over the years we have had such amazing feedback on how our Pre-schoolers have helped to change the day to day experience for kids with disabilities and also how it’s helped make their parents lives that little bit easier that we realised that maybe we could help prolong that experience too.

Lou set aside some time and came up with the Big Kid, just as full of love and support as our Pre-schooler but just that little bit bigger!

Now we are after all a business and these Big Kid carriers take quite a bit more work, but we have decided to keep our pricing in line with all our other designs as we passionately believe in equality.  Premium products without the premiums.

Since their inception and release into the wilds our feedback has been wonderful. Not just from a business point of view but from a human standpoint too. We have had so many emails and social media messages from parents telling us how the Big Kid has made such a positive impact that it really is a pleasure to be able to make and offer them to you all.

Customers have commented that their Autistic children have found that the feeling of being cocooned when out in busy areas has really helped their child find relief from the external stimulation and overwhelming experience of crowded areas. Others have mentioned how the gentle rocking motion when walking is fantastic for their children.  Lastly many children with Autism find that weighted blankets are a huge comfort and how the contouring in our carriers helps to mimic the same gentle pressure.

No matter your circumstances we all deserve to be able to experience the world in the same way, to walk the same beaches and feel the same comfort and security as ever other parent and child. We hope that we can help you achieve that because that’s the thing that makes up happy.

Let us help make the inaccessible accessible and let you travel the paths where the buggy wheels will roll no more.

I’d absolutely love to hear your feedback on this and if there is anything else we can to do help. I am all ears!

I’m going to leave the final words to one of our lovely customers Rebecca and her little boy Lincoln. Please take a minute to read below, it’s messages like this that have us beaming from ear to ear. So much love for you both!

“  I originally started looking for a larger carrier around a year ago. I have carried Lincoln since he was 3 days old and it’s something we have always loved. Most people tend to stop carrying their children around the age of 3-4. However we have a special reason that using a carrier is so important to us and why we needed a larger one. My son Lincoln who is now 4 1/2 Years old has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. A condition that means his body doesn’t produce any Dystrophin therefore meaning Lincoln cannot walk for long periods. We have a wheelchair but this limits you so much as to where you can go. A carrier means we can go anywhere an able bodied person can go. 

The Rose and Rebellion carrier is quite frankly a life line for us. It means that Lincoln can experience everything anyone else can. We’ve taken him down hundreds of steps to see waterfalls something some may not think is achievable, he’s been on hikes up mountains, down beaches and to zoos you name it we’ve carried him there.

The carrier in itself is brilliant. It is lightweight and compact and so easy to store or take with us, it even has it’s only little bag to keep it clean. It is super comfy thanks to the padded shoulders and waist band and even at 19kg I don’t find him heavy to carry due to how the carrier distributes the weight and how Lincoln is sat in it. I worry about Lincolns positioning and legs dangling in anything he does, but the ergonomical seating position means there is no pressure on his joints and he has never complained of being uncomfortable, in fact he often falls asleep he’s so comfy. I love the closeness I get whilst carrying him, he gets a new higher view point of the world and to hear his excited voice behind me pointing everything out is priceless. It is simple and quick to put on which is always a bonus as I also have an impatient one year old who hates waiting around. Just four clicks and we’re off. The carrier is easy to clean and so well made even after a year of use it looks like new. 

It’s impossible to put into words how great it is knowing that I can still give my boy the same opportunities to see things as others. You may think this is just a carrier but to us it is much more. If you are thinking about getting one I promise you won’t regret it. “

Thanks for reading and happy adventure’s to you all.